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Who Make the Best Recruiters?

Professional recruiting is a job with many facets. Those who do it well require an intimate understanding of the industry and positions for which they are recruiting. The reason most recruiting agencies have practice areas is so staff can learn about one industry over time. Some top retained agencies take a different approach.

Expedite the Success

While the majority of agencies hire recruiting staff and teach them about an industry, one agency hires people with experience in an industry and teach them how to recruit. The result is excellent Recruiters who know the demands of the industry, are familiar with challenges, and can deliver candidates for a perfect fit. Searches take less time, tenure rates for placement are higher, and the agency becomes retained in all practice areas.


The key to the transformation from former supervisor to top recruiter is strong and ongoing training. The first six months consist of foundation training. That covers processes, strategies, basics, marketing, interview techniques, and organization, among other aspects of recruiting. After that, ongoing training consists of mentoring, collaborating with other recruiting professionals, meeting new challenges, and reviewing changing or emerging trends in the industry.

Environment and Rewards

The most successful recruiting professionals are found in flexible and vibrant work cultures. Staff can work when they are most productive. A morning person, for example, can begin work at six in the morning, and a person who works best in the late afternoon can arrive later and stay later.

This helps increase success rates and maintain motivation for the staff. Rewards include recognition for successes, bonuses, and worldwide company trips. Professionals considering a career change may want to research recruiting opportunities. Put industry knowledge to work for you while embarking on a new career.

Work with a team of managing partners, search consultants, project professionals, and research staff to become a successful recruiter. Help the industry move into the future by placing talented professionals and executives in leadership positions. Top retained agencies are always seeking to train new recruiting professionals, so contact one and explore the possibilities today. The decision may significantly effect the future for the better.